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Legendary creatures of Japan (3)

Они же Thirty-six Ghosts series by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (да, в архивах журнала еще есть его 100 Aspects of the Moon).

Мой любимый сюжет из этой серии: прогуливаясь в горах, господин Коремочи встретил прекрасную девушку, которая предложила ему вместе полюбоваться листопадом и угостила его саке. Во время беседы он случайно увидел в чаше с саке ее отражение - не прекрасной девы, а безобразного демона (в Японии существует поверье, что зеркало показывает истинную сущность человека). Через мгновение Коремочи выхватит свой меч...

The Demon of Mount Togakushi - Taira no Koremochi Notices the Demon’s Reflection in a Saké Cup

Jigoku-dayu, a former courtesan, who is shown the errors of her past occupation by a parade of ghost courtesans

Young Benkei and the Carp Monster That Ate His Mother

The beautiful courtesan Sakurahime haunted by a ghost at the Seigen shrine

Takeda Katsuchiyo Kills an Old Badger in the Moonlight
The young Takeda Katsuchiyo (who later became the great general Takeda Shingen). An earnest student without much of a sense of humor, Takeda was practicing swordsmanship in the moonlight one evening when he heard the wooden horse on which he stored his saddle speak to him. Realizing something was not right, he struck the saddle horse as hard as he could, and an old badger (tanuki) fell dead at his feet. In Japanese legend, badgers are portrayed as mischievous creatures with supernatural powers; this one chose the wrong person on whom to play a trick.

A demon being threatened by Sadanobu in the palace at night

Kobayakawa Takakage debating with the Tengu of Mount Hiko

Minamoto no Tametomo driving away demons

Omori Hikoshichi carrying a woman across a river, as he does so, he sees that she has horns in her reflection

The Killing of a Nue - Ii no Hayata killing a Nue at the imperial palace

Toki Motosada, the servant of Gamo Sadahide, throws a Phantom Temple Guardian to the ground at Inohana Mountain

Shoki the "Demon Queller", who relieves the emperor's sleep by driving demons from his dreams

The ghost of Okiku - accused of stealing a dish, she was killed and thrown into a well by her master, Aoyama Tessan

Fujiwara no Hidesato

The story of Watanabe no Tsuna and Ibaraki, the Demon of Rashomon. After Watanabe cut off Ibaraki’s arm, the demon took the form of the hero’s old aunt to seize it back. Here it flies off triumphantly. Her clawed foot can clearly be seen—unlike Japanese ghosts, who have no feet, demons are substantive beings, who can be cut with a sword.

Kiyomori seeing hundreds of skulls at Furuhara

Kiyohime transforming into a serpent on the banks of the Hidaka River so that she may pursue her lover, the monk Anchin

Nitta Tadatsune seeing an apparition in a cave

the ghost of Minamoto no Yoshihira attacking his killer, Namba Jiro, at Nunobiki Waterfall

the poet Ariwara Narihira looking for the ghost of Komachi on an autumn night

The spirit of the vengeful priest Raigo returns as a plague of rats and destroys the Mii Temple

Tamamo no Mae, a concubine, transforming into the Death Stone of Nasu Moor

Sogi, priest and poet, writing a couplet for a ghost

Minamoto no Yorimitsu attacking a ground spider monster

The ghost of Taira no Tomomori appearing at Daimotsu Bay

The Yotsuya Ghost Story

Fujiwara no Sanekata's Obsession with the Sparrows

the nurse Otsuji praying to the god Kompira to save the life of a boy named Botaro

The Heavy Basket - a number of monsters attacking an old woman

Mori no Ranmaru encountering a mysterious sago palm

The foxfires of Nijushiko

The Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree

увы, четырех изображений не хватает)

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